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Social Media: A Constantly Trending Space

Sometimes I just want to know what's trending. I'm stuck in the office all day, or I'm in the studio recording an audiobook, and I totally miss what happened all day. Of course, I'm logging on to social media. I'm tapping the Twitter app on my phone. No, I'm not turning on cable television to watch over-politicized news. I'm looking at social media.

I'm sure you do it too. It's quick accessible, and free. Can't say that about TV news, or newspapers, or most other antiquated ways of staying up to date.

I first used social media as a high school student in 2014. I got a Facebook account so I could stay up to date with what my friends and family were doing. Turns out, I still check it every once in a while to see what grandma is up to. And a lot of us still do. It's a great platform.

But now, for me and many others, it has turned into a much different space. Maybe not so much Facebook specifically, but other social platforms are now critical in keeping us informed, and even helping us professionally. What do I have to do to market my voiceover business? Create and constantly update business profiles on all major social platforms. Check LinkedIn messages obsessively. Even go a little crazy because there are A LOT of places to be now.

And to make things even more challenging, all of these social media platforms; yeah they're constantly changing. Daily. There are several trends that I've read about and noticed in my own personal experience.

A shift towards the personalization of the social experience for users is helping brands. Corporations are still posting on their major accounts and placing a major emphasis on this content. However, they are also finding it important to deliver a strong personal user experience through direct messaging, and customizing messages.

TikTok. It isn't just teenagers dancing and changing outfits with the snap of a finger. Brands, big and small, are getting in on the action. They aren't necessarily dancing, but they sure are feeling the beat of a whole lot of benefits that come with getting on the platform. TikTok is continuing to grow, and it's not going away.

Word economy. It's absolutely essential. Now, telling someone they have the attention span of a five-year-old is awfully generous.We read a headline, we're gone. We watch two seconds of a video, we're gone. So for brands? Better keep it quick, and to the point. I'm REALLY still working on this one. If you follow me on social you may have realized.

And finally, bridging the gap. The world is divided, and what we want more than anything else is a brand that will bring us all together. Or, at least, be something we can all have in common. Large corporations are using social media to establish a healthy organizational culture, both internally and externally.

It's a hectic world, but also a very exciting one. I'm looking forward to continuing to build my social media brand and learning more about the platforms. With all of this responsibility comes great opportunity. With social media, we're always entering uncharted territory. But to a digital native like me, this is exciting. We're changing, and I've hopped on for the ride.

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