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An Audiobook Can Set You Apart

It wasn't until she made her book into an audiobook that it took off.

A client of mine was hesitant about putting her book out as an audiobook. The effort involved, cost, and her concern that an audiobook might undermine traditional book sales almost held her back.

With a little convincing, she decided it was worth a shot. Turns out, her guide to spiritual fulfillment was just as popular to listen to as it was to read.

Your book is published, and you're selling physical copies and ebooks. A great feat indeed, and you should be proud.

But like my client, (and dozens of other clients I've helped with audiobooks) you may be missing out on an opportunity for even more exposure and revenue.

In a recent survey, 45% of respondents say that they listen to audiobooks on a regular basis, with 23% saying they prefer listening over traditional reading.

What is driving this trend that we anticipate will continue?

I've come across various reasons, but three I continually hear likely account for the majority of the increase in audiobook listenership.

"I want to be able to do two things as once... I don't have time to read a physical book"
"I can carry them with me on my phone to have them accessible whenever I have sometime, anywhere"
"I can get immersed in another world, an entertaining or insightful one, they really intrigue me"

There are three main reasons an audiobook can be extremely valuable to you as an author:

It gives it a voice, an audible representation that is lacking through just print.
It expands the potential audience of your book, as many people will only find your book if it is on Audible. An increasing number of adults only read through audiobooks because of the versatility and convenience they provide.
Your potential revenue from your book can increase. Audiobooks are a significant source and large percentage of revenue for many authors.

Even beyond these reasons, authors who are especially successful with audiobooks canestablish themselves as an influencer in the niche, as their voice becomes more recognizable, opening up other opportunities.

It also provides them with the content they can repurpose in other formats, whether that be social media, Youtube videos, or even a podcast series.

Audiobooks are the future of reading!

Maybe it's time to make your book into one?

It's possible to - You may just need some guidance or a professional to partner with if you don't have the time or expertise.

My team here at Jon Goehring Voiceovers has produced dozens of of audiobooks and distributed them across the most popular platforms.

Contact me today to learn more! Would be glad to connect, and if nothing else, offer some free advice!

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