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The Ultimate Guide To Audiobook Narration

As important as it is to have top notch content... the narration can make all the difference.

If you're ready to turn your book into an audiobook, it's really important to get the narrator right.

Maybe that narrator is you. Especially if you wrote a non fiction book, an autobiography, or any type of book where your unique voice shines through. Finding a narrator to capture the book the way you intended is a challenge.

There are some reasons you may need to hire a narrator though. These may include:

You have no time to narrate your book, and would rather outsource
You don't have audio equipment and don't want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on gear or renting a studio
You feel that a professional would be best to capture the sound you're looking for
Your book is not supposed to be narrated from your voice, but from the voice of a character or a general informational narration

To hire a narrator, you can find someone on a reputable website such as,, or

You can also visit our Partnered Talent page, or reach out today for some additional good recommendations!

Also, don't be afraid to ask multiple voice actors for short samples of your book. Send them a portion (a paragraph or two) to get an idea of what they would sound like. Voice actors who are truly interested in your job and may be good fits will record these samples for free.

A couple of questions to consider asking voice talent before hiring:

What are your rates, and how are they structured? (Royalty share, Per Finished Hour Rate, Entire Project Rate, Etc.)
Do your services include editing and sound design?
Will you publish and distribute the book as well?
What projects have you done in the past?
Would you be willing to record a sample? (As we discussed earlier)

The more a voice talent can do on the production side, the better. The ideal scenario when hiring a talent is that they also take care of all editing and publishing. This way, you only have to work with one person, and do not have to coordinate the many steps to the process.

Finally, if you are interested in narrating and producing your own audiobook, here are some tips to keep in mind:

For more tips on audiobooks and all things audio/video production, visit more blog posts here.

Still not sure if you'd like to make your book into an audiobook? Here's why it might be right for you.

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